BetUS Casino

BetUS is actually an online casino of the BetUS portal. BetUs offers different online gambling products such as sports betting, poker, and horse racing. Rival gaming is powered by some software at BetUS. BetUs Casino offers promotions on weekly basis which include broad range of online casino games. Promotions start on Mondays with BetUS Casino Slots. BetUS Casinos are very much famous through out the world especially in the United States. People really like to go to these BetUS Casinos to play the Casino games and earn lot of money through these casinos. These BetUS Casinos is really a place of excitement, thrill and enjoyment for the people. The rules and regulations of these BetUS Casinos are same through out the whole world.
Bets of BetUS casino:
Players have to bet $100 on each of the six offered online slot games while playing at online casino. This will earn them a bonus of $25. Players can bet another $100, if they can manage, at every slot that they get. In this way they will be able to get another $25 that makes the aggregate to be $50.
Payments through BetUS:
There are two payment modes that can be used at BetUS casino. You can either use Credit card for depositing funds or can utilize money transfer options for this purpose. You can use the money transfer option for your payouts at BetUS Casino. BetUS Casino players can also get a check delivered to them through FedEx. The reliable payment option at betUS is the money transfer option. It is because many credit card companies do not allow online betting transactions. At betUS Online Casino the daily limit of the payouts is $5000. This limit is regardless of the fact that which payment mode you ultimately use.
Features of betUS:
Yes, the betUS online Casino provides you the online help in the form of live chat. BetUs Casino Roulette mania is the BetUS Tuesday promotion. You can wager different amounts at betUS roulette mania. Players bet to get different bonuses. Players who bet $750 will earn a bonus amount of $50. By betting $1250, players can get a bonus amount of $100. While players that bet $2000 will get $150 as bonus.
What is overtime promotion?
The overtime promotion is the promotion that takes place on Thursdays. Players get the bonus on their bets that were placed between 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm on Wednesday. No, the wagers placed on blackjack don’t count in overtime promotion. The players have to claim their bonus by contacting customer support center. The top three betters will shave an additional prize bonus of $2000. This bonus will be shared amongst them.
Offers for Blackjack Players:
BetUS Casino Blackjack challenge is offered for Blackjack players on Fridays. This offer will return 5% cash to the blackjack players on all the bets they placed on the blackjack games.
Blackjack players often get left out of promotions and therefore BetUS Casino offers the BetUS Casino Blackjack Challenge on Fridays. Players will receive 5% cash back on all wagers placed on blackjack games.